The Purely Downing Health - Almost Saturday Night

Busaengague, Almost Saturday Night

The Purely Downing Health


We bought some clothes for Halloween. On Friday the children can go to school with scary clothes and the teachers at school will make a scary promenade in the basement of the school. If the children don't like to go they don't have to of course. But my children can not wait to do the scary walk. They are completely ready for this party. Today they walk in those scary clothes and they are only talking about what they might can expect. They are telling me that there will be blood lemonade to drink and brains to eat.

Lovely designs

Are you into decoration of the homes and do you like this? I do love what this is about and why not just try to get ahead and feel something more before we get into it? Yes, I do believe what we can do something more and therefore also feel something good for the rest of us. But why not think about it and feel what we think and like? the bathroom designs can make a lot and do that other feels the same thing. Yes, I do believe that we can do something more and therefore also try ...

wedding brittany

Getting married? Booked a venue yet? No? Well then, why not consider having your wedding in brittany, France, or Bretagne like the French call it? You can have the wedding of your dreams at a beautiful ch√Ęteau in Brittany, France. How about that? In all honesty, why would you settle for anything less, since you only get married once, right? And what's more, there's plenty of hotel accommodation nearby in the most wonderful hotels, placed in gorgeous landscape. You won't tire of the scenery, nor will the guests.

An orange table.

Yesterday I painted out table in the garden orange. It was quite a difficult thing but at the end of the day we could sit on the table and we had a very nice BBQ. I bought a very fast drying paint and it was amazing but after two hours the paint was dry. I have to get used of the orange colors but it looks very happy even on a day cloudy day as it is today. Of course I woke up with pain in my shoulder joint because of the painting yesterday. I already know what to expect ...